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Day 1: Praise His Name


“The Lord is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation. He is my God and I will praise him, my father is God and I will exalt him.” Exodus 15:2


Day 1 of our New Year’s devo titles begins better and we are going to kick it off on a good note talking about Praising his name. When I think about the beginning of the year I think about a fresh start, a clean slate where you have the opportunity to reset. Throughout this week we get to seek first the kingdom of God which is the most important way we can jumpstart those other two things. As I was preparing for this devotional I couldn’t help but think about how God calls us to enter his gates with thanksgiving and praise so starting day 1 I felt led to share about the praise of the Lord. Our verse in Exodus 15 is a victory song of Moses. After he has begun to lead the Israelites and seen God work in wondrous ways he sings a song of praise. The definition of praise means to “to glorify and to say good things about someone or something. To show approval or worship.” Moses honors God by saying good things about him “he is my strength, he is my defense, he is my salvation.” He shows his relationships with the Lord by saying He is my God and chooses to praise and exalt him. Now we know that the story of Moses ends in great victory and I believe that by choosing to praise and exalt the Lord your story will end in great victory as well. So today, praise God, write down who he is to you, say good things about him, and worship his name as you go about your day today. 


Write down who God is to you.

How can you praise his name? 


Hey Jesus, today I begin my day by exalting who you are. You are a mighty God but still personal to me. Thank you for showing me who you are. Open my eyes to see even more so see your glory. God I praise your name in all that I do. Give me a year filled with favor that can only come from You