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What 2022 Taught Me

How are we about to start 2023?? 2023 is a year that has seemed so far away for so many years because it’s the year I graduate college and real life begins. So for me… Read More »What 2022 Taught Me

Christmas Blog

Christmas week!!! Wow how the year has flown, I can’t believe we are so close to the end of 2022. I’m excited to share a little recap of 2022 and what I’ve learned next week… Read More »Christmas Blog


It’s Christmas break!! Nothing better, finals are done, Christmas music is on, and your brain is no longer over crowded with anxiety about when your next assignment is due. At least my brain isn’t and… Read More »Hometowns

Proud of You!

Before you even start to read this post, congratulate yourself! You made it! Freshman, your first semester is DONE! Seniors we are far enough in to know the good days are going FAST but even… Read More »Proud of You!

True Thankfulness

It’s Thanksgiving week!!!! I LOVE Thanksgiving because it’s full of family and food. Whether it’s close family or friends that feel like family I just love the season of gathering. God loves when we gather… Read More »True Thankfulness

Life Update!

WOW!! God has been so good to Feel The Smile over the last few months and this is just the beginning! I wanted to take this week to share the heart behind FTS and a… Read More »Life Update!