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Loving Like Jesus

I grew up hearing about the love of Jesus- a sacrificial love that paid the ultimate price for its beloved. Despite being surrounded by a context that constantly preaches the importance of his love, I… Read More »Loving Like Jesus

NYC Trip!

Happy Wednesday! Sitting in the airport on the way home from NYC optimizing my 5 hour layover…. Trying to be grateful for the down time this gives to work on things but also wanting to… Read More »NYC Trip!

Begin Better

This week on Instagram we have gotten to share a devotion called “Begin Better.” I always love a fresh start. There is something so refreshing about the new year and I wanted to create a… Read More »Begin Better

What 2022 Taught Me

How are we about to start 2023?? 2023 is a year that has seemed so far away for so many years because it’s the year I graduate college and real life begins. So for me… Read More »What 2022 Taught Me

Christmas Blog

Christmas week!!! Wow how the year has flown, I can’t believe we are so close to the end of 2022. I’m excited to share a little recap of 2022 and what I’ve learned next week… Read More »Christmas Blog


It’s Christmas break!! Nothing better, finals are done, Christmas music is on, and your brain is no longer over crowded with anxiety about when your next assignment is due. At least my brain isn’t and… Read More »Hometowns

Proud of You!

Before you even start to read this post, congratulate yourself! You made it! Freshman, your first semester is DONE! Seniors we are far enough in to know the good days are going FAST but even… Read More »Proud of You!