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Guest Writer: Jansyn Gordon

I have always been a girl who loves fall, but this year I am really enjoying spring. Now, I do not think I will ever not appreciate the pumpkins, leaves changing, and apple cider, but there is something really special about going into this spring season.

I am graduating this year from Samford University and if you have been to Samford, you know our campus is stunning. In my opinion, it is truly one of the most beautiful universities and it has been a true delight to call this place home. I have found myself patiently waiting for spring to come as I tried to time out what is the best time of year for graduation photos. I had been eagerly waiting for campus to turn green again and for the flowers to bloom. I went as far as googling “when do the trees in Alabama get leaves in the spring?”

Finally, our campus has turned into a sea of green again. The weather is perfect, and the trees have their canopy of leaves to provide us with shade and a place to rest. With a new season coming, I think it is a wonderful time to reflect. I have also found myself reflecting on a different holiday: New Years.

New Years feels like forever ago, but I also cannot believe April is almost over. It is easy to enter a new year with excitement and huge goals but as the year goes on, we can lose that excitement and put those goals on the back burner.

But just as spring can bring a little more life into our lives, maybe we don’t need to wait eight more months to restart our plans and intentions.

My word this year was “ready”. More specifically, I was inspired by the end of Luke 12:48 which says, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

As I am graduating and entering a new chapter in my life, I have been praying some big prayers to God. I often think of the fact that if God gave me everything I was asking for right now, would I be ready? Would I have enough wisdom to navigate that gift? Does my current schedule and commitments even allow for the new opportunity I have asked God for?

Matthew 25 is about the parable of the ten virgins waiting for their bridegroom. Five were wise and five were foolish. The wise ones brought extra oil for their lamp and the foolish ones came without it. They waited a long time, but when the bridegroom finally arrived those without oil had to go and buy some. While they were out, the bridegroom came, and they missed him.

My goal this year is to always have that extra oil so whatever God gives me, whether it be a prayer I am praying or something else God has for my life, I am ready for it.

As spring continues on, I encourage you to check on yourself and your goals. I know Scarlet has talked about words for the new year to focus on and let this be a reminder. Sometimes some trees get leaves before others and patches of grass appear greener in some areas. It may take you longer to change your heart posture to the focus you had for this year but stay encouraged. Eventually, you will be surrounded by green and flowers and new blooms and living in the new season you have prayed for.

If you have not picked a word for the year, it is not too late. Every day we have the opportunity to strive to be more like Jesus. Let us all be ready for what is coming for us!

-Jansyn Gordon

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