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Did You Pick A Word For The Year

Today’s blog is just a chit chat, as I’m typing it I’m thinking of it as if we were at a coffee shop together just hanging out. The week has already been so busy compared to my last 3 weeks of resting, napping, resting, and napping some more. I always love the beginning of a new school semester because you get to see friends you haven’t seen in a while, start new classes, get a fresh round of dining dollars, it’s just a little ~restart~. 

As I was thinking about the year and semester we are headed into I realized the dense emotions that the spring semester can hold. Spring break is coming up, summer plans are happening, maybe your solidifying roommates for the next year. Although there aren’t a lot of holidays necessarily, there are a lot of emotionally draining decisions to make. Maybe you planned your spring break 2 months ago or you don’t have plans and are worried about whether you will get an invite on a trip. Summers are coming up and it seems to be the summer when your friends are traveling the world but a passport and packed bag is nowhere in sight for you. You feel left out of life’s social events but are trying to stay positive. 

Seniors in high school you could be feeling indecisive about choosing a college to go to because the college determines the friends which determines the life you will live. You find yourself wondering if you want to go away or if you want high school 2.0. Seniors in college you’ve officially begun the comparison game of who has a job solidified and how you can catch up to them because as of right now your post grad plans still have “idk” written all over them. Maybe you’re in the slump of realizing an extra semester is on your academic calendar and you were not expecting it to be that way when you first started.

Wherever you’re at mentally in the beginning of the semester, feeling good or feeling bad, I am believing that 2023 will be a year that is different. I have spoken to so many girls who just feel like this is their year and I really think it can be yours too. The past few years I have chosen a word for the year. Now this might sound cheesy or just ridiculous to pick a focus word for the year but I also think of it as a word to speak over your year. It doesn’t even have to be a word, it could be a phrase or a theme. Whatever you want your 2023 to be, speak it. 

My word for last year was “possibility.” I had chosen this word because I had a lot of dreams and visions that I wanted God’s help with. I knew they were bold and I couldn’t do them by myself so I decided to put faith into who God is and believe that he would help me. At the beginning of 2022 I was praying for a girls night that I was hosting at a children’s home and I was praying for more speaking opportunities. As I was dreaming about how God was going to use these two things I realized how much God loves to dream with us and even more so how much he loves to watch our dreams unfold. It can be scary to share your dreams until you realize the most important person to share your dreams with is the one who gave the dream to you, God. 

So 2022 was exactly that. Not only did we get to host an impactful girls night but we got to host 2. I didn’t just have one extra opportunity to speak to other girls but 14 speaking opportunities. At the beginning of the year Feel The Smile was not even a thing and by the end of the year we had developed a brand, launched a blog, released merch, and held an in person event. 

I was reading this morning about names of God, El Roi in particular. El Roi is the God who sees. God sees you. He sees you as you have anxiety about your spring break trip, He sees you as you scramble to get your summer plans together, God sees you as you struggle to land a college or career, and He sees you as you hold on to the bold dream he placed on your heart. 

My advice for you is to pick a word for your year, pick a perspective, a mindset shift, a focus, and go all in with it. Pick a word you want to experience this year and speak it over your year. Everything that you want 2023 to be God has even more in store for you.

xoxo Scarlet