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Christmas Blog

Christmas week!!! Wow how the year has flown, I can’t believe we are so close to the end of 2022. I’m excited to share a little recap of 2022 and what I’ve learned next week on the blog but this week I wanted to share a thought on Christmas. 

One of our family traditions is that my mom throws Jesus a birthday party Christmas morning. She gets the dining room ready and won’t let us come downstairs until it’s done. We walk into the dining room and it is just a garnished spread of breakfast foods with a big fat birthday cake in the middle. This is such a sweet memory but every year I laugh like we are going to eat birthday cake for breakfast. Maybe you can think of a fun tradition you do with your family. I love how my mom always makes sure to tie Christmas morning in with what the day is truly about, the birth of Jesus.  

Every year I try to find a deeper meaning as to what Christmas means to me. I say every year but really over the last few years, since I’ve started to realize it’s more than family time and presents haha I was with some girls I lead a Bible study with and I was sharing with them that I have been so overwhelmed with the thought Christmas, the moment of Jesus birth was a moment that changed everything. For all humanity. Forever. 

It had me thinking about the power of the moment that heaven touched earth, when Jesus entered the world as a human it became possible for us to experience freedom. Freedom from things that should have bondage over us and life when we deserve death.

Christmas is a holiday like Easter, we celebrate it but can easily forget the true meaning of what we are celebrating. The weight and depth that comes from the birth of Christ. I had a perspective shift this year that makes me so grateful for the birth of Jesus, Christmas. It’s a holiday where we get to open fun things but we also get to remember how much God loves us. God loves us so much that he would send his most precious possession, his son, so that he could experience eternity with his other most precious possession, us. None of that would’ve happened with our Christmas, without Jesus coming here.

So this Christmas season, it’s not too late, find what makes the true meaning of Christmas meaningful for you. 

Xoxo Scarlet