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Proud of You!

Before you even start to read this post, congratulate yourself! You made it! Freshman, your first semester is DONE! Seniors we are far enough in to know the good days are going FAST but even better ones are on the way. Maybe you’re not even in school (lucky you) you finished a while ago but you’ve made it through another semester of real life!!!! An even bigger deal! You’ve made it through the break up, you’ve made it through the bad test grade, you’ve made it through the hard day and for that you deserve to be cheered on!! 

This semester has been the first semester in a while that I have been so ready for Christmas break. School has been crushingggg me but we are almost through, PTL!. Family time, free dinner, and Christmas presents have never sounded so good! The thought of a nap makes me want to immediately fall asleep because recently that’s how tired I’ve been. It’s like Thanksgiving break is a Christmas break teaser… except you have to pack your bags up, come back to school, and do work. A friend and I were talking about how amazing it was during covid to get out for Thanksgiving break and not come back until January… lets repeat that please. 

As I am approaching finals week and dreaming up content for the blog, I can’t help but to think about the girl who’s worn out and doesn’t realize how far she has come. I’m praying for the one who walked through hell and high waters this semester but won’t realize it until she takes a break to turn around and look at the view of how far she’s come. Maybe your life has been going so fast, you bounce from one thing to another but you’ve walked (or should I say ran) through some hard seasons this semester. Things happened so fast you haven’t even had time to process. Here we are at the end and you have done it, you have ran your semester of a race well. Maybe you had mess ups along the way or needed a water break but we all have and you completed it. 

In the midst of chaos it seems that we can never remember to give ourselves a “well done.” We can be really good at telling other people “great job,  you’re killing it” but most importantly we forget to be kind to ourselves and do the same. This week as some of yall are taking finals, maybe you are still preparing for them, or just in the midst of the craziness of life, I have you on my heart. As I have been preparing for my senior project presentation there have been a lot of days where I felt I just couldn’t do it. There have been days that i’ve joked with my friends saying im drowning in the waters but in reality that is what life felt like. There have been moments of frustration and seeing test grades so low I didn’t know you could be a senior in college making those grades lol

In those moments it reminds of when I thought that the moment I was in was all that there was. When I got SO discouraged because I made a bad grade, to the point where I almost let that define me over the truth. It reminds me of the hard conversations that needed to happen and I was SO nervous to have them I thought I would just die right there. 

Today I want to congratulate you because you made it. Gods word says that one day we will hear “well done good and faithful servant.” I think he’s whispering it to you earlier than you expected. Today he’s proud of you. He is proud of how hard you’ve worked. He is proud of how far you have come. He says “ you have been faithful in handling this small amount (or maybe you feel it was a big amount ha!) but now I am giving you more.” Your hard day wasn’t the last day and life has so much more to come. God has “more” in store. And as his word says, “Let’s celebrate together!”

xoxo Scarlet

“The master said, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!’

Matthew 25:23