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True Thankfulness

It’s Thanksgiving week!!!! I LOVE Thanksgiving because it’s full of family and food. Whether it’s close family or friends that feel like family I just love the season of gathering. God loves when we gather and that has been something he’s been showing me the power in. I’m excited to blog this week about the spirit of thanksgiving, gratefulness, and praise.

As I was brainstorming this blog there was a verse I couldn’t get out of my head, Psalm 100:4. This verse says:

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his Nar. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever. His faithfulness continues through all generations.”

There are so many parts of that verse that I love so much. I am in a season where there is SO much to be grateful for, I’ve experienced some of the hardest days but on those days I’ve also seen God move in BIG ways. There’s not a morning we wake up without a reason to praise. 

This verse tells us that his faithfulness continues through every generation and I know that this is a promise I want to hold on to. That not only will I experience faithfulness but my children will and their children to come. It says that “God is good” plain and simple, no matter the day, that truth stands. 

I recently studied the difference between being grateful and being thankful. Those are two words that we use hand in hand but when we look at the definitions they differ in small ways. Gratefulness, shows appreciation and kindness while thankfulness, is a feeling of being pleased or an expression of gratitude. So gratitude yields action, it’s something we show or do. Thankfulness is a feeling we experience and it affects us.

I love that in Gods word he’s so generous to let us experience who he is. He doesn’t need anything from us, he doesn’t need us to show gratitude but he wants us to experience thankfulness. Thankfulness is something we get to receive. We experience the thankfulness of what God has done for us, the small things and the big things, the perspective shifts, and the miracles.

All of this gives us even more a reason to have gratitude and experience thankfulness this thanksgiving. 

This concept of experience thanksgiving is why our hard days become good. When hard circumstances happen we still get to experience thankfulness. Although things happen on the outside we experience something different on the inside. 

2 Corinthians 4:15 shares that thanksgiving overflows to Gods glory. I love how God made thanksgiving and his glory go hand in hand because when we experience thankfulness God gets the glory. When we experience what Christ died to give God gets the glory every time. 

This week as you have a heart of thankfulness, receive all that God has done for you. The small things like when he gives you a good parking spot or the big things like when he restores a relationship. God desires for us to experience the fullness of who he is through thanksgiving and when we do, he gets the glory!

Practical ways to live out thankfulness

  • Write out the ways God has moved in your life
  • Thank God in advance for what he’s doing
  • Send a text to someone you are grateful for