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Is The Posture Of Your Heart Determined By Your Position?

On the blog! A convo from our friend Madi as she shares the power of POSITION! Such a word!!!! Jesus’ natural position is the most high king yet he chose to lay down his position and take the form of a human and the role of a carpenter and because of that all of humanities eternity was changed SO GOOD, read below!!

If God has been teaching me anything lately, it would be how dangerous it is to place my position as my motive. By striving for this, it will only set us farther back than where we started. 

Now, your “position” does not have to be labeled with a physical title, a position could be the desire to remain within a certain friend group, to reach a certain amount of attention on social media or even presenting yourself a certain way to feel your desired approval. Whatever your position is, it is mentally and physically stripping you away, moment by moment whether you realize it or not. 

John 1:10-11

“He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.”

In John 1, it reminds us how it all began with the Word. Not the Garden, Adam and Eve or Moses. It all began with the Word because the Word was God. As it states above in John 1:10-11, he was already in the world and the world was his, yet when he was sent to be with us in physical form, the world remained blind to who he was. He was viewed with insignificance yet chose to humbly lower himself to live with mercy, grace and love.

 Jesus did not choose the glamourous group of people to hang around or the most well-known people to become his disciples. He chose tax collectors and fishermen. Jesus sought the attention of prostitutes, people with addictions and outsiders living on the countryside. He had every right to place himself above others, but instead he chose to wash his disciple’s feet. He did not live to receive gain, he lived with one mission; the mission to make God known. 

Seeking areas in our lives because it will benefit our status, gain or approval will only leave us feeling worthless, empty and unappreciated. It is physically taxing to become the person YOU desire to be. It is tiresome and unfulfilling for a reason and the reason probably being we are far from where God wants us to be… if we are being completely real right now!

Walk the mission you have been placed here with, to humbly serve and love and you will watch your life soar. You might not be the most popular at an event, you might lose a few friends along the way or even some followers on social media… but I promise you, the fulfillment from His position will be irreplaceable!


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