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How to Rely on Gods Love When Its So Easy to Chase Peoples

How to rely on God’s love when it’s so easy to chase people’s… hello… this is an area that we may forever need help in. In the mornings I have a list of things I pray over myself. It’s things like praying for wisdom, praying for faith, but one of them is that I would only rely on God’s love.  I try to pray this prayer everyday lol but we know how that goes, #grace. When I pray “Lord I want to rely only on your love” it’s a way of saying Jesus I don’t want to seek love from anything or anyone other than you. Because he is the only one that can provide the kind of love that satisfies. When I pray this, my hope is that by relying on God’s, the love I receive from others goes from feeling like a lifeline to just being a blessing on top. 

I think about the life we live and especially at our age the vessels of comparison from social media, tik tok, snapchat, and all these platforms that lead us to look for love. With it being semester one of the school year, this is the time of year when events pop up, hangouts are in full swing, and formals are being put on the calendar. It can also be a season of feeling uninvited when a hangout happens without you, not good enough when you don’t get asked to the date party, and feeling small when overwhelming feelings pile up. Moments like this lead us to thinking that we need to change who we are or what we are doing in order to receive love from others. 

The reality is that Jesus see’s the original us as worthy of all the love in the world. The love that others give doesn’t even scratch the surface of the Lord we feel from Jesus. The “love” we think we get from an invitation to an event isn’t even the “love” we really need. 

When we can be content with God’s love, we are confident no matter what the internet tells us. It can be so easy to get caught up in earthly measures of love. If you don’t know where to find love, you will look for it in all the wrong places. The likes on instagram, the snapchat streaks, whether or not your post on tik tok went viral when everyone else’s did. I mean it can just get a little exhausting. When we pray to rely on God’s love we can rest in knowing we don’t have to chase love because you already have it. 

It can be easy to get a high off of others love, if it feels good for 500 people to like your post why not chase it by posting another scandalous pic or that bomb selfie (i mean yes post the bomb selfie because you are bomb) but instead we post already knowing we are loved…not because we are looking for it. 

I get caught up in the earthly hunt for love too but everytime I try to seek love from other people I’m let down. We are let down because weI looked for something that can only be found in Jesus, at least only be satisfied in Jesus. So together, today, let’s choose to rely on God’s love, it couldn’t hurt right? 

Xoxo Scarlet