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Beyond the Bid Week 2

Rush week is an absolute whirlwind! You are feeling every emotion there is while also juggling the newness of the season you are now in. As you pour yourself out all day it’s easy to lose sight of what’s true. Here are some practical ways to remind yourself of who you are, even when it seems that is fading. 

  1. Claim a verse for the week — When I went through rush I was terrified of the unknown. I wanted so badly to know what my future looked like and had the hardest time trusting that God would provide my heart’s desires and more. When I read Psalm 37:5 days before going into rush, I knew I had to claim it for my week. “Commit your ways to the Lord; trust in Him, and he will act.” Find a verse that fits your needs— whether it roots you, gives you confidence, encompasses what you’re searching for in the week— find it and claim it. The Word of God is living and active! Let His truth speak life over and into you! I made the verse my screensaver so every time I turned my phone on I was reminded of His hand in my week. Everytime I began to have doubts, worry, or fear I spoke this verse over myself. 
  2. Journal — Journal, journal, journal…and then journal some more! Rush can be difficult because there are few people you can really talk to throughout the week. Take this as an opportunity to take it to paper. Write it all out. Write out your feelings, what excited you, who you met, what conversations you had, your fears, the funny moments, the awkward moments… write it all! Take this time to reflect and release. Whether it’s at night before you go to sleep or in between parties when you have a few minutes to yourself. Journal in a notebook or in the notes app on your phone! 
  3. Affirm yourself — One thing is true for every. single. girl. going through rush… there will be things that go unexpected! Remind yourself that when things don’t go how you wanted them to, that this is normal! There will be things that happen this week that are in no way a reflection of who you are, your worth, or how loved you are. It’s hard to understand in the midst of it, but sometimes rejection is your protection! Scarlet often reminds me that every thought of insecurity or doubt that enters our mind is a lie straight from the enemy. Make an effort to speak truth over yourself every time these thoughts slip in! Scarlet had the awesome idea to set reminders on your phone with affirmations… let His truth flow into every area of your life this week! 
  4. Make a gratitude list — This might go back to journaling… whoops! But I LOVE a gratitude list! In the emotions and exhaustion of this week, it’s so easy to ramble off all the negatives and anything going wrong. Take time to write ten or more things you are grateful for each day! Instead of thinking about how tiring it is to sit in line for parties, be grateful for the new friend you met in that line! When I take the time to think and write these things everyday, I find myself seeing the good in more situations. 

This week will be full of the highest of highs and some pretty big lows. One of my favorite quotes is from Bob Goff’s book Everybody Always. He says, “We want God to give us all the details, but all we usually get is promises that we’ll see more of Him if we look in the right places.” In the uncertainty of this week, take time for yourself and look in those places! God knows your place in all of this. You are prepared for this! Fill your life with His truth and trust that you are walking right in His plan.