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Modest Is Hottest They Say

If modest is hottest then why is the most trendy outfit the one with the least amount of clothing or the tightest option?  Maybe it’s just me but every fit I wear I feel like I have to suck in the whole time because my pants are too tight or my shirt is too short, anybody else. But I know that I don’t want to sacrifice dressing cute. It’s summer, events are here and I will be dressing with the times but let’s talk about how we can both dress on trend and still pass the “modest is hottest test” 

What even is modest? I would say modest is dressing in a way that honors you and the people that have to look at you, well… the people that get to look at you!! Some people say don’t dress as a stumbling block, others say it’s their fault they’re stumbling. My rule of thumb is pretty much to dress in a way that no matter who sees me I would be ok with the outfit I have on. I’m not a big stomach shower, my stomachs big enough I don’t need to wear a short shirt for you to see it lol just kidding be confident in your size!!  Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with a little tummy

Below I have put together a few basic fits and closet essentials to bring your modest but fashionable dreams to life! I linked all that is still in stock whoop whoop! I tried to do a variety of dressy, casual, and of course all fab! 

Fit 1: High waisted jeans and shorter top

  • Get this, they are flattering, trendy, andddd you can wear the cropped top with them! Let’s be real, almost any top you find in store will be cropped, it’s just what is in and what the buyers are buying and guess what… there is nothing wrong with them so wear them! In a modest way of course. I am a hugeee fan of high waisted pants because I have always pulled my pants up so high hahah so thankfully now they are on trend lol. I love that these are a straight cut and cut off at the bottoms. Super cute with sneakers, heels, sandals, all of the above. You can wear them with a short top or front tuck a long one! 

Denim linked here!

Blue shoes linked here!

A similar cropped black tank

 Fit 2: Jean shorts and a graphic tee/cute top 

  • I found the world’s best jean shorts!!!! I repeat!! If you have thick thighs like your girl… these. are. for. you. They are from Old Navy, whatttt, I haven’t shopped at Old navy in years but I found these and then went online to order 3 more. I think jean shorts are so fun and I think the best way to make them appropriate is the length and having breathing room. I love these because air can actually travel through them lol and they are a great length. You can make jean shorts casual with a graphic tee or dress them up with a fun top. Such an easy fit that you can wear in front of anyone and still feel comfortable!

Shorts linked here!

Pink Top linked here!

Fit 3: Dressy fit, long dress, or short one shoulder

  • I have felt like this is the summer full of events, and maybe that’s because we are finally far enough away from covid that most people are down to host things again. I have a wedding coming up and have been on the hunt for a fun dress. So let’s think through a couple of modest dress options. I love a good long dress right now, sometimes I feel like I’m channeling my inner mom but I’m not ashamed because they are just so comfy and cute. Here is one of my favs, the orange one-shoulder long dresses from last year’s target drop. Fun, a little flirt with the one shoulder, but clearly not giving people too much.  The other dress is an old one found from the depths of my closet but made it fun by added the heels and hat.

Hat linked here!

Fit 4: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Jumpsuit

  • Anddddd last but not least this perfect jumpsuit that my bestie said I had to add in haha! Pink is an all around hot topic right, if its pink you can count on it. The description says easy which it is, but maybe not breezy because its a little ~fitted~ but for real jumpsuits are so nice because in one pick you have your whole outfit done. I love this one because I am so picky about the length of jumpsuits and this one was perfect. Grab a jumpsuit for summer/fall and let it be an easy add to your wardrobe!

Similar one linked in light blue!

Another similar one that has pink in stock!

I hope your modesty struggles felt seen by this post. Now you can confidently dress in a way that you love and a way that Jesus loves it too haha

– xoxo Scarlet