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5 Fun Things To Do This Summer

Summer has begun which means you’re probably kind of sad that its going by so fast but you’re ready to have your friends all in the same place again….. You may feel like you have done everything there is to do in your hometown and wonder how you survived there for 18 years. Summer can either feel super busy and  you’re catching yourself saying “time slow down” or it could feel super slow and you’re begging time to speed up. You’re away from your friends, feel like you’re spending too much time with the fam, and sometimes you can feel like there is just nothing else left to do. Ugh there is nothing worse than having lots of time but no idea what to do with it. OR if you’re like me you may be so busy and need to create a few fun things to take a break.

Whether you’re bored or so busy you wish you were bored, here are 5 simple but fun things I will be adding to my calendar to spice up the summer.  They are not too expensive PTL! And will leave you with such fun mems with your friends

Pack your bags girls, it’s time for a beach trip! Even if you have just one day we will make it
work. Now I’m sure you’re already thinking why would I ever go to the beach and not stay the
night but why not try this spontaneous thought. Pack your beach bag with your fav swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, sunnies, A CHANGE OF CLOTHES (easily forgotten) and hit the road. If you’re in bham for the summer you’re only 4 hours from Seaside!! Leave at 7 and get there at 11, just in time for lunch at the grilled cheese truck… Yes please!!! If you’re from out of town, find the nearest sunny spot near you and do the same thing. You are saving money by not paying for a place to stay, get spontaneous memories, and you come home with a tan win win.

2. Go to the park!

I already know, from the title this sounds lame but when you get a group of friends together
what was once boring is now so fun. Get outside, with a picnic blanket and your best friends.
Pack a lunch, maybe even bring your trendy Trader Joe’s flowers and make the most of your
day. You can bring cards, listen to your favorite music, and meet other people there. You could even do a sunset park day, your insta feed would loveeee! Most of the parks in Birmingham have coffee shops that would offer the best mid-day pick me up. I have also heard of the probably not new sport but pickleball…. haha SO many places have started to turn their tennis courts in pickleball courts so there might be one near you!

3. Watch the Sunset!

So Samford of me to say but I had to put it on here, sunsets are a personal fav, they are gorg and so peaceful. Find a lookout, hill, any elevated piece of land lol near you and enjoy the evening. I like to take what I call a sunset walk which is also an active version of this idea haha. A blanket, snack, and friend are a must. Pick up food from your favorite restaurant before and enjoy dinner with a view. Bring a speaker, set the vibes and chat with friends. This is the perfect way to end a busy day, complete a restful day, or start a fun night. Also.. to my bham people, friday night barons game = complimentary firework show at railroad park, a must see event.

4. Visit a friend!

If you are in high school you probably have a friend, cousin, someone from out of town. If you’re
in college then you definitely have a friend, cousin, someone from out of town. On the most
disinteresting days, a foreign town becomes the most interesting thing ever. Visiting friends gives you an excuse to explore a new town with your bff and you would be suprised at how awesome peoples hometowns are. Some of my favorite college trips have been going home with friends. Stay 2 days or stay 5, going to visit a friend can give you time to laugh, have a change of scenery, and enjoy something fun!

5. Go to the Drive In!

Turn a quiet night into an adventuresome one by going to the drive-in with friends. Not only is it
a more affordable alternative than paying big bucks for a movie ticket but you also get a fun
experience. Most drive in’s have concessions but some even have restaurants and other fun
activities. You can watch one movie or two and have fun with a car full of friends. Roll the
windows down and dance to your fav playlist on the way there and back with a movie break in

I hope a few of these simple options inspire you to live in the moment this summer, I know I will be trying to! Summer is a season of joyful rest, so have fun with friends during the best season ever!!!!

– xoxo, Scarlet